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Hailing from the dark streets of South London, the Blues-Rock quartet, Stellify are stamping their presence on the music scene. They have a history of releasing music that is big, bold and can fill largest of spaces. With a distinctive take on the more Bluesy and darker side of Rock'N'Roll they create an unstoppable and exhilarating sound.

spacer Formed in early 2012 by frontman, James Howlett and guitarist Richard Costello, They called upon extremely talented Bassist, Carlos Dittborn, and the chest thumping skills of drummer Daniel Iriondo to complete the line up. Their obvious musical connection has created a thunderous and undeniably unique rhythm section. There are whole chain of influences making up the Stellify sound from Muddy Waters, Cream and The Rolling Stones to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Band Of Skulls and The Black Keys.

The band served an apprenticeship playing iconic London venues like The Dublin Castle and the Water Rats. In such intimate surroundings their sweeping riffs and huge rhythm and bass backbone bounded off the walls and shook their fans to the boots. Now, with a greater demand for their sound, stellify are filling more salubrious venues like the 100 Club and the O2 Academy with both their growing fan base and their unique brand of rock n roll.

Stellifys development has been progressive, steady and constantly gaining momentum, setting a solid base for a bright future. With their impending new release "Hide" backed up by a number of gigs throughout the summer their sights are set on the here and now; on delivering heart-and-soul rendered rock n roll to their fans. But big things are expected from the guys further into 2014 and beyond.

Stellify are without doubt here to stay and when it comes to making their own unique brand of Rock'n'Roll it's only a matter of time before they'll be strolling down the hall of fame.